Cryptical Studios

Cryptical is a full-stack crypto-economic production studio.

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What we do

We code, we analyse and we challenge developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

We can help you understand and tackle challenges in this fascinating and complex space.

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Who we are

Fascinated by cryptoeconomics and excited at the possibilities of this brave new world, we are three friends pooling our time, our skills, and our diverse expertise.

We like to think that, much like any decentralised network, we are greater than the sum of our parts :)

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Matthew Linares

Matt is a coder, writer and digital producer. He is thrilled by the promise of the decentralised web and joined Cryptical to help further the understanding of Web 3.0. By day, Matt is Technical and Publications Manager for

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Marloes Nicholls

Marloes is an economist, dramatist and activist. By day, Marloes is Head of Policy and Advocacy at the Finance Innovation Lab. She’s passionate about facilitating collaborative processes that enable people to understand and have a say over new technologies. She joined Cryptical Studios to understand how social purpose can be embedded in blockchain.

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Alasdair Blackwell

Ali is a designer, developer and educator.

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